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Marriage vs Divorce, plus Broken Relationship what gives? Posted on Dec 06, 2017 at 06:03 PM

Hello hello hello ladies and gentlemen/ men, I hope and pray everyone is having a marvelous time during this festive Christmas season///. Well considering what has been posted about men and their bad boy habits, it is almost impossible to believe in the season of giving is all about a baby being born and bring forgiveness,  love, joy, peace and new teaching on true love and righteousness, ( you must be born again, John 3: 1 - 21 ). 



   Now off to my topic, first let me say this I believe that when we make a vow to marry and to do this in the eyes of God, this is something many take very very very seriously, dispite what it looks like, their is still that inner spirit that touches deeply when the word divorce is mentioned ( I know it did for me)! 


 So my question this day, have we taken divorce and marriage as a small matter? Is divorce look at as something that is comical, and to be joke about?  As a man who has experienced divorce let me share this, it is a painful experience, especially when you consider you let God down, broke a vow, etc. So for those who have never had to experience this don't make light of it, and if you have been divorce try to see the more seriousness of our mistake ( yes I know you can be forgiven but it is  better not to vow ). 


  One of the many things I have learn about relationship and marriage,  and that is that our teaching on marriage and divorce is at an all time low or close to it. And we cannot except to make these dramatic changes overnight but we must begin. 


  And to those who are contemplating divorce, think twice maybe 3 times etc... Now that I have a clearer view about marriage and relationship, I know it is not all about me nor my partner, but about unconditional love, vows, and honouring God. So at this point in my life I try to share with others get yourself some good Holy teaching on relationship and marriage before you make a vow. Look up the word vow!!! And especially the holy vow God has standardized for His people.  


 Once again I welcome good conversation and dialogue on this topic, and please let's be respectful of one another.

May we all be richly blessed during  this time and season, spiritually, physically, and financially.



Yours truly Mr Born1top. 

God bless love and peace. Don't hate participate in love.

Vulgar language is it acceptable. Posted on Sep 25, 2017 at 09:53 PM

Hello fellow MM friends today is a good day, but I have a question and that question is , at what point is it acceptable to use vulgar language,  especially when you are the leader of a major company,  head of the family,  etc. 


For me it is never acceptable, when I was growing up many in my circle use a lot of foul words / language, but after I got save and drawn into the tender loving care of my Lord and Savior I had a really great transformation,  and during that transformation my Lord and Savior became my teacher along with the Father, and Holy Spirit.  


And after reading studying and digesting the word of God I realize just how ignorant I was. But after being born again, I now realize that many in the world are not taught  properly about true righteous living,  and therefore because of that many true Christians are just wearing Christianity as a badge and not a lifestyle. So if you're man enough or woman enough find time to read the word of God from Genesis to revelation and continue to study, digest, dissect the word of God so it will bring you all the joy, love and happiness you could ever hope for.


Acting in an unrighteous and vulgar manner is not becoming for those who truly want to be good leaders. I pray and Hope that this blog dialogue will not  offend anyone, that is not the intention this blog it is merely to help those who may be in need to be inspired to to lead and do it with love and righteousness. Your reward will be much much greater. 


So feel free to comment but do be respectful and let us change the world with love and righteousness, and become the true leadership for the future. 


Absolutely nobody mom nor dad should be called a vulgar name!



Yours truly Mr Born1top. 

God bless love and peace.  It takes a real man to apologize when he's wrong.

The golden diamond pearl companion. Posted on Sep 10, 2017 at 07:46 PM

Hey what's happening MM family, well for me it is the constant gaze when I'm out, looking into that special golden diamond pearl of a  lady eye. And when I see her and she sees me we will both know instantly however if there is not an Instant connect for a life time mate and lover there is still room for 100 % friendship...



So what do you miss the most about companionship,  for me it is that look that  look we both give each that says I love you?

That conversation and conversing that is 100, 99 % of the time  because we are made for each other. 

I miss having breakfast together, lunch time together,  dinner together, snacks and all the in between meals we share...

I miss the walks in the park,  walks in the square, shopping together, movies sharing popcorn and drinks, smooching at movies, oops. 


Are we allowed as adults to go deeper or should we keep it clean, well for me I miss whispering her name while taking her where she has never been before,  exploring the unknown of intimacy because she will never forget that outer world experience by her professor and teacher and she mine, every day is an apple a day for us on the merit to be true Dr of Love and life.



I miss her sharing her day and me sharing mine and we both laughing together over the wonderful encounters we embrace daily...


Ahh the golden diamond pearl companion, my babe what a gal she is, my babe she don't stand no cheating my babe, song by little Walter. 


Well what do you miss? 

Time for a cup of java who will join  me?



Enjoy yours truly, Mr Born1top. 

Love and peace,  don't hate participate in love, if you dare...

Knocking on the door of Love! Posted on Sep 10, 2017 at 03:08 PM

Hello fellow MM bloggers and on lookers,  today is a beautiful day in my part of the world,  may you experience the same in some forum or fashion.  


Today we have the wonderful opportunity of having love knocking at our door either literally or spiritually,  whatever the situation thank God for love, ( if you're not a believer  I'm not sure who you would give thanks too )...


However the situation, many are here because love made its way into the womb and you are the result of that lust.  Yes yes yes I know some are in the world because either the lady or the man did something unrightous and someone was conceive out of that unrightous deed, but it was still and act of love,  how you say because one the person who did the unrightous deed love sex to the point they did that unrightous deed without proper consent.  May those individuals get their dew punishment and the help they need to overcome that illegal lust!!! 


Point 2, even after the unrightous deed, the individual who had this unrightous deed done to them, love life so much they decide to let the child live (Love big time Love). 


Now on to the topic of Love knocking on your door, will you recognize true love when it knocks on your door, the door of your home or the door of your heart. 


And exactly what do love look like to you?


Is love warp in good looks, expensive packages,  large bank accounts,  etc,  do share but be wise about it?


Have you study all the wonderful concepts of Love,  believe me there are many, and love has been around since the beginning of time?


Love God FSHG  if you're a believer, love thy mother and father,  love thy sister and brother, love thy neighbors,  love family and friends,  my my my, now love thy lover, mate, wife, husband,  etc.  


And when  you love them is for a day, a week, a month,  a Year,  or a life time?

Is it unconditionally or is it with a measuring meter ( anywhere from 10 % to 100 % )? 


How is it in times of great times of plenty we don t have enormous amounts of education on love? 

Here's a golden nugget for social media entrepreneurs, flood the world with love and great will be your reward...

Ahh you say...

Well let me take another leap into the sea of Love, I would like to thank everyone who read this blog , even tho I don't know you I love you, one because I have been commanded to love you as a Christian,  by my Lord Jesus Christ,  two by God who gave this command ( Leviticus 19:34, Deuteronomy 15: 7 - 8, Leviticus 19 : 18, John 15 : 12,  Mark 12 : 31, Matthew 22: 39 ) and there are many more if anyone is interested, hit me and we can share. Love thy enemy Matthew 5: 43 - 48, don't just read this verse and script, study it, dissect it, take a course on what it meant then and now, and how to apply it in your every day walk of life, you can not buy this, it must be by a divine appointment, enjoy... 


Yours truly Mr. Born1top.

Love and peace,  don't hate participate. 

Now where is she my babe, remember that song,  my babe she don't stand cheating my babe, Little Walter...