Can Doctors Get On Well With Doctors?

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doctor marrying a lawyer

It’s a common saying that opposite form the best pair, but is it really true? If yes, then it surely doesn’t apply to lawyers and doctors! There is no such thing as opposites form the best pair, balancing out each other, and all other outdated myths. Theoretically and in science terms opposites do cancel each other out, but not in reality. Imagine if they have nothing in common, won’t there be a lot of quarrels and nothing same to shed light upon? Just think about the predicament of a lawyer dating doctor. Will the lawyer be happy with their other half who is supposedly a doctor working 20 hours a day at the hospital and sometimes even more? On the other hand, will the doctor half of the dynamic due be happy if the lawyer half keeps going on about murders, cases, and convicts all day long?

In the world where everything is accepted these days, lawyer dating doctor is a rare sight. Particularly becomes these two occupations fall on the opposite ends of the pole. However, the one compatibility that works with lawyer dating doctor is if there is a forensic doctor and a lawyer working together. The two of them have the same nature of job albeit in different fields but it still results in a lot of common topics and work-related stuff to talk about!

There are certain successful cases of lawyer dating doctor which do actually work out in the end. The only thing that can bring the two poles together is LOVE. If true love exists between the pair, then everything is rosy. The doctors will find interest in the lawyer life and get to hear all about laws, taxes, murder cases, etc. while the lawyers will get to know about human anatomy, pharmacology, funny names of bones and muscles. (Fun Fact – Did you know all the bones in a human body has a name!?)

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